Since Opening in 2006, Fur & Feathers has provided shelter and loving care for more than 200 dogs and cats!

Less than 20% of people who adopt animals get them from shelters or rescues.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Fur & Feathers feels that every pet deserves a good home. During the past eight years, we have assisted local pet rescue organizations by boarding and caring for many abandoned or abused dogs and cats.

Our mission is to assist local pet rescue organizations by providing shelter, food, exercise, rehabilitative and medical care for adoptable rescued dogs and cats. Animals that enter our shelter must come from an accredited pet rescue organization. We will ensure they are spayed or neutered and are medically stable before a foster or forever home is found.

We believe that helping animals can make a huge difference in their lives and ours.

If you are interested in any of the animals listed on our site, please contact A Better Life Pets and we will work with them to determine if you are a candidate. ADOPTION APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE RESCUE ORGANIZATION. THEY WILL CONTACT YOU ONCE YOUR INFORMATION HAS BEEN REVIEWED.

Please visit on the rescue organization’s site to review their adoption policies and procedures and to fill out the necessary forms.

Darren & Sky
Fur & Feathers Rescue Assistance Program, Inc.


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