Safe and Fun Dog Daycare in Winter Garden, FL

If you worry about your dog while you are away at work, or you just want your furry best friend to have a day of fun, exercise and attention, our dog daycare is just what your dog needs. At Fur & Feathers Pet Resort’s dog daycare, all dogs will receive the optimum amount of play, exercise and rest each day. Our dog daycare is supervised, climate-controlled, and provides positive social interaction with dogs that are of similar size, temperament and play style. We are conveniently located in Winter Garden, FL, within 10 miles of the greater Orlando area. Doggie daycare guests come from all over the West Orange, Orange and Lake Counties and the surrounding areas, to experience the socialization and fun atmosphere we provide.

Give your dog a day full of exercise and playtime.
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Monthly Dog Daycare Events at Fur and Feathers

At Fur & Feathers Pet Resort, we offer monthly fun events for our dog daycare clients to bring out their personality. Be sure to be check back each month to see our upcoming events.

  • Sep. 27th from 9am-5pm join us for our Super Pup Party including Superhero Capes, Custom Superhero magnets, and much more!

Trustworthy Dog Daycare Services

It’s not easy providing dogs the kind of exercise and attention they require each day. And, it’s not always easy to find a place that you can trust. We understand you need a place that you can leave your dog worry-free. At Fur & Feathers Pet Resort, we are that place. We make your pets our first priority and it shows! See examples below:

  • Voted Best Doggie Daycare in Winter Garden
  • Recommended by leading veterinarians in the Orlando area
  • Fully-licensed and committed to meeting high standards of care for our guests
  • Highly recommended by customers in formal surveys

“My 14-month old Labrador has been going to Fur & Feathers for Day Care & Boarding since she was 4 months old. I am always impressed by their professional service and clean facilities. My dog has a great time and comes home relaxed, having played all day. The first time I went to Fur & Feathers, I showed up unannounced, and they were happy to show me around. I was impressed at the cleanliness, large kennels and truly five-star facility. I give it my highest recommendation!” -Emma, Orlando

Fun & Safe Dog Daycare

While spending the day at Fur & Feathers Pet Resort, your dog will have ample opportunities to socialize with other dogs, similar in size and age, in a safe environment monitored by our trained staff. When you pick up your dog after a day of doggie daycare, you’ll find your companion to be calm, content, and ready to relax with you.

All our dog daycare guests have access to the following features:

  • Playrooms equipped with dog-safe toys, non-skid flooring and specialized playground equipment
  • Safe play for all dogs – small dogs and large dogs in separate play groups
  • Individual play available for non-social or older dogs*
  • Dog socialization with close supervision from a highly-trained, certified, loving staff person, at a ratio of well above industry standards

*If your dog doesn’t get along well with other dogs, he or she will still get plenty of exercise at the resort playing with members of the staff.

Call us at (407) 905-6088 today to receive your FREE DAYCARE EVALUATION!

We make it a priority to ensure your pet’s safety while he or she is under our care. We require all guests to complete an evaluation prior to entering our daycare program. This evaluation will determine whether your pet is safe to play with other dogs and members of our staff. Additionally, all of our doggie daycare staff members are highly-trained and take their jobs very seriously. To create a healthy and pet safe environment, we utilize and/or offer the following at our pet resort:

  • Strict vaccination policies to ensure your dog’s health during his or her stay. All pets must be current on necessary vaccinations. Our Reservations Specialist will review these with you when making your reservation
  • An environment free of health hazards such as toxic chemicals and objects that could be swallowed
  • A soft, rubberized floor to care for joints during dog daycare
  • K9 Turf to keep dogs comfortable and clean
  • A secure, fenced-in facility, with wellness checks provided and continuous monitoring of your pets throughout the day

As one of our pet parents, you will receive regular report cards to show how much your dog enjoyed his/her time with us in dog daycare, including which friends he/she enjoyed playing with the most.

Exercise and Social Interaction For Your Pet

Rather than worry your dog is bored, not getting enough exercise and/or damaging belongings or furnishings while you are away at work, choose to give your dog a fun place to go while you are away. At Fur & Feathers Pet Resort, we have tailored our dog daycare services and activities to meet your dog’s needs. We offer:

  • More than 1000 sq ft of outdoor play areas and 1000 sq ft of indoor play areas to accommodate for changes in weather
  • Splash pools for extra, cool fun during hot days
  • Activities customized for each dog’s breed, age and temperament
  • Frequent hugs and pats from our loving staff
  • Regular fun events for dog daycare participants
  • Opportunities to play with other dogs in daycare and those staying in our dog boarding suites

Convenient Hours for Pet Parents

At Fur & Feathers Pet Resort, we offer plenty of dog daycare options to fit every human's hectic schedule and every dog's unique personality. Our dog daycare is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am to 7 pm.


Why Dog Daycare?

When you bring your dog to dog daycare, you give your special pup more than just a day of fun and play away from home. You give your furry friend a safe and convenient way to contribute to his or her overall health and well being. Consider the following benefits that dog daycare offers:

  • Encourages socialization and fitness
  • Improves quality of life and extended life spans due to regular exercise
  • Makes dogs happier and healthier when they’re actively engaged and exercised
  • Reduces the risk of digging, chewing, and destroying belongings in your yard or home. If not busy and engaged, dogs become bored which can lead to behavior problems such as digging and chewing
  • Burns off pent-up energy; a tired, happy dog is so much more enjoyable
  • Builds socialization skills with other dogs and people. Poorly socialized dogs are more likely to react to the unknown with fear and aggression
  • Satisfies a dog’s inherent pack nature by being around other dogs, playing and interacting with the pack
  • Minimizes other behavior issues such as aggression and uncontrolled barking
  • Gives your dog a positive experience with new people, sights, sounds and other dogs
  • Builds his/her confidence and gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in a safe, fun place!

Doggie daycare rates start as low as $18.95/per day. Call us at (407) 905-6088 to hear our current special offers.